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AMT China supplies the most comprehensive tribological, mechanical and surface testing machines and provides innovative solutions in many applications. We specialize in human physiological based hand abrasion, panel study, haptic testing, lubraction and triobology, component and material fatigue testing.

Our testing machines include tribometer, high-temperature tribometer, high vacuum tribometer, low temperature tribometer, two roller testers, contact fatigue machines, profilometer, scratch tester. Furthermore, over the last 50 yeras, we supply more than 80 models of testing machines all over the world in the market for testing friction, wear, fatigue, traction, adhesion, hardness, roughness, and film thickness.

Six available testing machines with the option of single station or multi-station  performing the rolling contact fatigue tests under conditions of elastohydrodynamic lubrication. 

Seven two roller machines are available for the study of traction, wear and RCF under conditions of pure rolling and rolling and sliding, with dry and lubricated contacts.

Friction & wear and fatigue behaviour of materials, coatings and the corresponding lubricants

5 available models for simulation of soft chemo-mechanical durability, fingertip abrasion & hand abrasion

Human physiology based panel study and quantitative haptic evaluation with further coorrelation

More than 7 available models for performing short/long stroke, fast/low speed reciprocating movement

More than 6 available models for performing sliding rotary movement with the options of high vacuum/pressure and high/low temperauter

Standard four ball tester with modernized data acquisision and many adatper options

Numerous test rigs for simulating piston ring/liner, valve seat recession and cam/follower

Designated tribometers with high vacuum and wide temperatuer range especially for aerospace application

2 high-end fretting tribometers incorporating with a servo hydraulic actuator for real fretting test

3 available models for high pressure rotary or reciprocating tribometer with hydrogen envoirnment

For industry, testing time is seen in money terms. AMT supplies more than 10 models multi-station, low cost, easy to operate tribometers.

AMT offers solutions to measure thermal spray coating adhesion and many more across a wide range of test conditions.


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