We are AMT

Technology innovation, strict standards, and quality commitment.

AMT China was established in 2010 as a branch of Innowep GmbH in China. The company is rich in the excellent traditions of German companies and has established good customer relationships over the years. At the same time, AMT China is a pioneer in tribology, component fatigue testing and also an important partner for our customers.

Our European office opened its doors to the international market about 50 years ago. Since early 1970s, the Plint brand was the only manufacturer of tribological testing machines in the world. Today, we have a full range of nearly 80 models of tribometers.

We provide customers with what they really need: high-quality testing machines for all tribology-related fields, not only providing standard testing machines, but also focusing on customized solutions that meet customer needs. Our customers can feel our difference, because we know that it is our aim to truly solve customer problems.

Strategic target, clear direction, superior service

  • Management team

German quality is passed on from generation to generation: the family business is now managed by the third generation

  • Strong customer orientation

Customers are always at the center of our strategic orientation. AMT China focuses on meeting the specific needs of various industries in a fast manner.

In addition, the localized services provided by the two branches of AMT Beijing , AMT Shanghai and AMT Nanjing allow us to respond to the requirements of the regional market, so as to meet the needs of customers and the market in an efficient and future-oriented way.


We are happy to help!

Phone (Beijing): +86 10 5975 5440

Phone (Nanjing): +86 25 58181836

Fax: +86 10 5975 5441

E-Mail: info@china-amt.com
Address (Beijing): Building 33D608, Huilongsen Science and Technology Park, Beijing BDA, Beijing, 101111

Address (Nanjing): Block A2-516, Fuying Building, No.99 Tuanjie Road, Pukou District, Nanjing, 211800