AMT China: providing a full range of tribometers, bearing and gear fatigue test rigs and various customized test benches from Europe with superior German quality

AMT provides several main brands include Plint, Abrex® and Hansa VKA110. As the only manufacturer in the world with the most comprehensive tribological testing machines, we have nearly 80 models of tribometers, including:

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TE77 Long stroke high frequency reciprocating tribometer is the most robust and versatile tribometer serving lubricant, automotive, steel, aerospace and many other industries since 1978

The TE 74 Two Roller Machine Family is designed for the study of traction, wear and rolling contact fatigue under conditions of heavily loaded, lubricated, pure rolling and rolling and sliding

AMT supplies more than tribometer: more comprehensive durability and fatigue testing machines


AMT actively participates in national and international reserach projects with our industrial partners to develop new test protocols.


AMT provides a leading consultancy in the field of panel test & haptic study, tribology, lubrication and surface engineering.

Customised testing machine

AMT supplies customerized testing machines for material and component research and lubricant screening upon request

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RCF 6 Tester

The RCF 6 machine is designed to run the standard three ball on rod rolling contact fatigue test geometry, in which three balls, separated by a retainer, are loaded against a rotating rod specimen, by applying an axial force across two taper bearing cups, mounted above and below the three balls. 

The machine is floor standing and designed to be installed either as a single unit or as a multi-unit installation. Each test station incorporates a PLC, with inputs via touch-screen, for independent control of motor speed and test assembly temperature, plus a vibration sensor and adjustable level trigger circuit, for detecting rolling contact fatigue and stopping the motor. 

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