For a quantification of the comparability and reproducibility in abrasion tests, a set of reproducible, homogeneous and application-independent check plates as well as an analytical method for the application-oriented evaluation and quantification of the abrasion pattern shall be developed. In order to cover the variety of samples tested, a set of check plates made of different coated and uncoated materials and surface topographies will be targeted. In addition to requirements such as reproducibility, homogeneity and realism, special attention will be paid to durability, storage and transport (packaging) when developing these check plates. For the check plates, it is also important to develop a meaningful and easy-to-use analysis method based on a multicriteria value, according to which the check plates are subsequently checked and verified. In addition, various fabrics can be evaluated using the check plates and the analysis procedure. A planned automatic measuring system will then take over the recording, evaluation and documentation of the most important fabric parameters, thus completing the project.


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